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    CRUISE Traveller 2019 Summer 最新号案内

    CRUISE Traveller 2019 Summer アジア、魂のサンクチュアリへ。古い寺院、新しい芸術施設、心洗われる絶景、人々が集う路地裏。アジアの港には多種多様な街の魅力と感動が詰まっている。レムチャバン、コタキナバル、マニラ、マラッカ、チャンメイ、シンガポール、ムアラ、香港、基隆。9つの港町を訪れ、心を解放するサンクチュアリ探しの旅に出掛けてみた。…

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    2019 年 4 月 11 日、マイアミ-ロイヤルカリビアンクルーズリミテッドは、アトランティーク造船(フランス)と、5 隻目となる「エッジクラス」の契約に合意…

  3. Terrazza New 2 (1)


    特別ご招待!『クルーズトラベラーサロン シルバーシーの 上質にふれる一日』

    好評の弊誌イベントに特別枠をご用意しました。4月14日(日)開催『クルーズトラベラーサロン シルバーシーの上質にふれる一日』一日限りの特別な空間でフラン…

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    2019 Spring クルーズトラベラー最新号案内


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    クルーズトラベラー最新号 2019 Springより、新しい連載がスタートしています。筆者は、個性的なスモールシップを中心にクルーズ販売を行っている…

  1. Silver Muse, Sea trials


    船旅と時計Vol.3 シルバーシークルーズに似合う時計は?
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    2019 Spring クルーズトラベラー最新号案内
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    2014年 秋号
  4. PICTURES BY JAMES MORGAN/CUNARD –  - Lisbon, Portugal, Tuesday 6th May 2014 –  images for use in editorial and online use only – no sales/no advertising – mandatory credit pics by James Morgan if used 

The world's grandest Ocean Liner, Queen Mary 2 and her sister ships Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria sail in formation from Lisbon to the UK ahead of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's visit to celebrate 
Queen Mary 2's 10th anniversary in Southampton on Friday 9 May. 

For the first time ever, the three Cunard Queens were photographed side-by-side at sea as part of a shoot that took months of meticulous planning. 

Queen Mary 2 is on the final leg of her World Cruise and her sister ships were on hand to escort her home in style. 

Photographer James Morgan took to the skies in a helicopter to capture these iconic shots of the three ships sailing abreast of one another. 

And while it may look effortless they are the result of a long planning operation in which the safety of the vessels and the thousands of people upon them was paramount. 

The centrepiece of the shoot was Queen Mary 2 herself, the only Ocean Liner in service today and still the fastest passenger ship afloat ten years after she was named by Her Majesty The Queen in 2004.  The ship measures 1,132 feet in length - longer than the Shard in London is tall - and stands 236.2 feet in height. She also weighs in at an impressive 150,000 gross tons.  Since entering service Queen Mary 2 has sailed 1.5 million nautical miles on over 400 voyages including 213 Transatlantic Crossings. She has called at 182 ports in 60 countries and carried over 1.3 million guests 

The 90,900 ton Queen Elizabeth is the newest member of the Cunard family, having been named by Her Majesty The Queen in 2010, and measures 964.5ft in length. 

Rounding off the trio is Queen Victoria, named in 2007 by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, and (just) the smallest of the Queens at  90,000 gross tons and measuring 964ft in length. 

James said:


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    ブリーフレポート|ワールドドリーム part.1